For over 50 years we have specialized in the injection die-casting of aluminium alloys

From the cast to the object.

The aluminium die casting company:

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You will see who we are and what we do. Above all you will see how we do it. With our hearts and minds, with all the ingredients you would recognize as passion.

Die Casting

Aluminium: 11.00 tons/year
Production cells: from 200 to 2.000 tons
Surface: 14.500 mq
Employees: 350


Machined parts: 4.500.000 /year
Machining structure: 11CNC + 2 Round tables
Surface: 3.500 m2
Employees: 110

From draft to finished product
  • Collaboration with the client and co-design activities at the planning stage.
  • Simulation of the die-casting process with MagmaSoft technology.
  • Mould creation.
  • Customization of the type of alloy used.
  • Scope to diversify the characteristics of the product: from a few grams per piece to over 30 kg, with clamping force ranging from 220 to 1500 tons.
  • Production is spread over three different sites (8000 tons/year).
  • Control Quality System in operation 24/7.
  • Wide range of mechanical processes and well-executed finishes.
  • Pre-assembly and packaging.
  • Product storage.

Defending the environment and protecting ourselves who live in it: this means anti-pollution standards and safety standards. A long-standing matter of duty, with no exceptions, in which everyone has a part to play.

A safe, hospitable workplace shows respect for nature, and increases motivation. And here at least, motivation heralds good work.

Application areas
  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Households
  • Furniture
  • Gardening
  • Powertools
Production plants

Future plans are focused above all on Romania, a barren land, but with the drive to grow: expansion of premises destined for office and production use; purchase of machinery and technology to provide new services; establishment of a special department for tool construction; modernization and power-boosting of electrical systems; honing of the quality control system used.

Last news
Eucasting Christmas Party 2016

The objective was to spend an entertaining night and we did it!

The green day 2016

Eucasting-Fomma organized a green Day in.on 19th of November to make known his constant commitment to the importance of the environment respect and protection


It was an innate quality, now it is a characteristic that can make a difference, achieve results for the good of the company but above all for you who work there. Perhaps for an entire lifetime