Client always requests to have an ultimate point of fulfilment: the finished product. The starting point is a design or a list of needs, requirements that may be indispensable, or useful to add value to that product. We are the path to reach that point. And we are close to achieving our objective of doing everything ourselves.

Our strength lies in entrusting every stage of the production process into hands capable of differentiating the services offered: skills are brought into focus, energy is channelled and concentrated exactly where it is needed, delivery times are shortened, and costs are tightly controlled.

In line with this principle, a new department was recently opened for the construction of moulds: Eutooling. We go right to the roots of production. We study the casting process, propose alternative solutions to avoid any criticalities, and assess all variables on the economic side.

The tools at our disposal ensure excellent reliability in calculating tolerances, the strictest of dimensional controls and optimized production times.

Once the project has been approved by the client, we plan the production of each part of the mould, from the base to the matrices and every other component.

  • Step 1: General maintenance of existing tool
  • Step 2: Replacemnet of cavity and new toolls small size
  • Step 3: Complete new molds small and big
  • Standard milling machines (TIGER)
  • 3-axis CNC milling machine (MAKINO, OKUMA, FAMUP)
  • 3-axis CNC milling machine (MICRON)
  • 4-axis CNC  EDM machine (AGIE)
  • CNC lathe (CMT)
  • Tangential grinding machine (ROSA)
  • Test molding machines
  • 3D measuring machines