We were a small company, founded near Lecco, an Italian city deeply tied to its mountains and to a long-standing tradition of metals processing. More craftsmen than businessmen, our name was FOMMA.

Now we are EUCASTING GROUP, a strong presence on the Italian and international market. We are still deeply-rooted in our town of origin (Monte Marenzo), but we also have two production units operating in Romania, in Pitesti and Scornicesti.


Die-casting systems (30) sourced from the most reputable producers: BUHLER, IDRA, STP PRESSE and WEINGARTEN.

Automated working cells, managed by dedicated control software: DPC (Die-casting Process Control) and ICS (Injection Process Control).

Systems complete with thermostatic control units, automatic lubricant sprays, humanoid robots (KAWASAKI and ABB), vertical and horizontal trimming tools, STRIKO melting and holding furnaces, and diagnostic sensors that detect any structural defects.


Mapelli family founds FOMMA

Passage from the gravity casting to die-casting process

Italian first foundry with ISO certification

Merging with OMEP

Joint Venture with AXA ORTE Rumania

Merging with G.B. Baggioli

Axa Orte becomes Eucasting RO

Eucasting RO opens a new die casting department in Scornicesti

A new machining department is opened in Scornicesti plant.
A new powder painting department is added to the finisching area in Pitesti plant

Back to originis.
Eucasting Italy becomes once again Fomma

Enlargement of the production area of Pitesti

A new company restyling



Pitesti is the door: from Italy moving eastward, destination, the world. 
The gamble: to set out from here and travel afar, following the call of the market.



Scornicesti is the road growing wider.
Production and quality travel in a single direction: straight ahead. 
Destination growth.